Crashed Bridge!

One Herculean Task have been lifted off from my list of school responsibilities. That being said, Happy New Year!


It has been one hell of a ride for our FYP journey. There were countless moments that I wish my team and I don’t have to go through. There were uncounted moments as well that I enjoyed together and I wish that such moments would prolong till the last day of our FYP. But smooth sea does not create a skillful sailor. 

We have officially ended our Final Year Project and I can’t express how light I feel. Gone are the gloomy days of painstakingly chionging for completing FYP reports, online logbook and creating the Poster and whatnot. The days where I can physically feel the workload of FYP and having to deal with the emotional turmoil set in me from the scoldings from our supervisors and TSOs are the thing of the past. THE PAST!! Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf! 


I think my team did ‘okay’ when presenting in front of the first 2 assessors. The first lady assessor was great. We managed to answer her questions professionally. The second one, Faci Ashray (he is my IIP liason officer! What a small world!) was the best amongst all three because he read up our poster on his own and ask questions along the way which saves us a lot of trouble and time! Questions he asked were manageable and the team and I are able to answer everything. 🙂




And so we thought we could handle the last assessor since we ‘nailed’ the first two… so we ‘thought’ we could perform as good (or even better) as our previous ones…

For the last assessor,we called him ‘Yong Tau Fu’ because we can’t remember his name and it is pronounced somewhere along the nickname we have given him.

And unlike Yong Tau Fu, a pleasant dish to eat, questions asked were far from pleasant. Err… Damn! I think he found our weak spot and questioned us thoroughly on that spot. And I knew at once every single one of us is screwed because the day before our FYP evaluation, we have discussed in great detailed and have fortunately (& unfortunately -.-) found out that there are certain things in our project that we didn’t do and thus we cannot make a certain statement because there is no raw data to back up our statement. So we berpakat to avoid that area and don’t touch at all. I guess we did pretty well for the first two presentations considering they did not talk about our weak spot. I think it was an unfortunate moment when Yong Tau Fu managed to ‘sniff’ the ugly weak spot. During the intervention, I have this vision whereby our project ( a cool project and not mistakenly a leceh one) symbolize as bridge, connecting us to a new land that promise us better opportunities. We (my team mates and I) are on the end of the bridge ready to cross. However, this bridge is not a complete one. It looks sturdy but there are certain areas, if walked on the wrong part, the whole bridge will given in. That is our weak spot. So during the assessment, when Yong Tau Fu drilled questions on our weak spot, it is like as if he drilled on the weak spot of the bridge, a very very risky thing to do because if the other structure of the bridge cannot support this weak area, there goes our journey to the ‘promised land’. So yep! I have the vision that the stupid weak spot give way no matter how much we try to avoid  walking on the weak areas of the bridge. The bridge crumbles.

I felt disappointed with the outcome of our FYP evaluation. Really. All it takes is only one person to drill on the correct area to crash our bridge. Can’t blame him though because at the end of the day it is our fault for not making ‘weak spot’-proof bridge.

So yeap! But there’s nothing can be done because what’s done is done. Tried to cheer the team up but well…*sigh*

Saw Ye En’s team ( who also share the same FYP presentation room with us as well) on our way down.  I want to express how thankful I am to have them around as friends also! SERIOUSLY! When our request to use such-and-such machines during experimentation period got nowhere or fly into right ear come out from the left, if it wasn’t their team that help us out to manage the FTIR, UV Spec and NMR machines… I don’t know what would become of us.




So we with heavy feet, we went to TRCC to have our ‘celebratory’ meal. Yay. The rest of the team went to watch movie afterwards while I went home. Hope they catch a lovely and nice movie.


I had a deep sleep that I personally think such rest can last me for 2 days of non-stop work. That’s how exhausted and sad I was.

Well, the other day, Vinny said that she suddenly have a lot of free time on her hand. This was somewhat how our conversation goes.

Me: Do you have anything to do later or are you in a rush?

Vinny: Nope, nothing to do later and not rushing. I suddenly feel that I have so much time on my hand.

Me: Must be that FYP takes a lot of your time eh?

Vinny: Yeah hah! Now that FYP is over, I feel so empty now..

Me: Hahahah! There is no life goal to work towards since FYP is over. HAHAHA! FYP OVER, NO GOAL IN LIFE!

We had a hearty laugh afterwards.


All in all I hope for the best now lah. No point grieving over something that you can’t change. SO yep! CRASHED BRIDGE! Hopefully the river below brings us to better promised land (Please not waterfall!!). InshaAllah!



The Last Stretch

This will be my 3rd week of school (like finally!) after my long term break after completion of my IIP. Adjusting back to school life is not really a problem. I do in fact miss school life especially during my Internship and will definitely cherish every moment in school now!! Haha! The perks of having my IIP in the 1st semester is that you can still can back and enjoy the life in school before officially ‘break free’ of school activities.

For this semester, I took 3 Modules which comprises of 2 Compulsory mods and 1 Elective Mods. The 2 compulsory ones are Lab Management and GDP (Good Dispensing Practice). Diet Supplements being my elective.

Diet Supp and Lab Management are pretty easy and manageable (for now) and are the least of my worries. I honestly like Diet Supp classes. For a person who has been through futile management of her diets and healthy lifestyle, this module is so for me. Ive get to better my understanding of the types of foods. Though these information are readily available on the net, i got the satisfaction in learning thoroughly in classrooms. You’ve get your doubts to be clarified in an instant unlike surfing through the web and get your question partially answered. And also… its much more fun learning with friends.

Topics for Lab Management classes are quite okay i guess. Since it’s an online module, we don’t meet each other physically much. Which is favorable for me. There’s no need to waste my 45 mins bus ride to and fro for classes! Woots!! How I really detest long bus/train ride (with an exception of travelling out of country ofc). Downside: its hard to coordinate the time to meet up with the group since individuals are busy with their other stuffs. But so far, i am bless to get such awesome team mates throughout the semester for this module!


I lose my sleep the day before GDP classes because I am driven with the burning motivation to complete my GDP notes before the sun rises and somehow I get convince by myself by the idea that I CAN function in class (after having little or no sleep at all).

I cannot function to my fullest the next day. That’s how I continually get below the grade B for 2 subsequent weeks in a row folks!



I admit that this is due to my rock-hard stubbornness for not relating it to past experience. URGHH!

And to prove how stubborn i can get, I didnt sleep yesterday for notes making until I got migraine attack in the wee hour of the sleepy night. Which results to why I am not in school today because I sleep through out the morning after taking my meds.

So! Moral of the story, be stubborn like Fithriyaani if you want to continually drop your daily grades or even increase the chances of getting migraine attacks.

Right now, I am quite worried that I cannot catch up with the rest of my peers for GDP.

Another Hellish thing that I’ve to go through is FYP! I’ve got a lot of hellish tales to share associates with FYP. Recently, we burnt a compound that we are suppose the synthesis. The whole lab fills with hangus aroma. This literally sets our supervisor mad. I guess we deserve to get the scoldings from him. Apparently that incident could jeopardize our FYP to termination. I couldnt sleep that night for the thought of possibilities could happen to us. So disappointed after that event.

Unfortunately I couldn’t share other hellish tales here due to confidentiality issue. What I can tell you is that we survive weeks after weeks of FYP. I mean thats the most important thing right?

But i hope that we can pull off an awesome grade / marks  for FYP considering the things we went through for FYP.


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Them girls who are always on the move to find solutions

The last final lap of a race is always the hardest to endure. Its either you go big or you go home. And at the end of the semester, you’ll know whether your efforts to get recognition is paid off. The survival of the fittest eh.

May I gain a lot of wisdom and knowledge through this journey and humble-ised myself at the end. InshaAllah!!