I am fill with joy right this very moment! I pass my IE (internal Evaluation) on Basic Theory of driving! Woots!! *Throw confetti at myself* 94%  !!

If I had not fail my e-Trial Tests, I would not be this happy to embrace my score! Because failures and struggles increase the value of success! *my Socrates mode on*  Hahaha!

A huge thanks to my dad for sending me off to Ubi CDC upon knowing that I will be late if I take the public transport despite him being late for work. Thanking you isn’t enough to express my gratitude. I will, in time, show you that I can become an independent woman. Love you!

But my level of happiness decreases two bars lower upon knowing that I still have my Basic Theory Test (BTT) to sit for… Anddd to sour-up the situation even more, the closest  date that I can book for it is 2 months from now…-_- ||| Ha to the Ha to the Ha.

I have around 8 more months to get my license before i need to renew my membership. But I doubt I can manage everything in such a tight amount of time. I have my Riding Theory lessons, Tests and the Practical part… Haiyoooo Where got time??

This is what happens when you abuse the free time you have during the holidays..


I will still be happy for myself for the scores that I have achieve. And for future achievements. In Sha Allah!

Alhamdulillah for passing! 

May Allah swt ease our affairs!