Gerek Day!

It has been an exhausting week; report submission, UTs, completing team assignments, dealing with faulty software and studying antibiotics for gdp.
To say that I am ‘tired beyond words’ is a bit of an exaggeration ‘cos nothing can be compared to the work load that mom is dealing. So…  I’m just gonna go with very tired. Heh!

Naj has been an excellent help when my computer’s down. I am definitely contented to befriend her! Though she can be annoyingly funny at times, her stable state of mind is of a delight company. If I pass my Lab Management UT with colours with wings, large portion of it is due to her kindness for helping me out with my study. She makes sure she send sufficient stuffs to me via email the day before so that I have enough materials to study. I am grateful and pleased to have her as my friend! Indeed she’s been brought up in a good family :))

Naj! If you are reading this,  I really do appreciate it very much!! ❤ i buy you 3 packets of Gummy Bears if I get A for UT okay:)


Study Partner !


Of a total opposite of a helpful friend, Aqeem is soo being a total ass for distracting me from study by throwing blue tack onto my laptop.  After attended the discussion forum, we ( me, Naj, Lili, Khalis & Aqeem) decided to have lunch and continue studying for our lab management UT afterwards. We spend our lunch reminiscing of the past; Sri Lanka trip. Definitely a lunch to remember!  Then, during study time, Lili and Aqeem sat together behind Najwa and I. Khalis was infront of us. What i thought would be a productive and effective time for study with them…wasn’t much of a productive time spent on studying.  Aqeem stealthily threw blue tack onto my laptop screen. I don’t notice until the blue tack builds up on my screen or when either Lili or Aqeem gave a casual remark like ” Fit, cantik laptop” -_-




HAHHAHA! Najwa pun tak terlepas dari kene serang.  I think we made a nuisance of ourselves because as crowded as the library can go, the tables and chairs near us were empty. People decided not to be near the crazy students. “Siao ting tong”

Then, Aqeem took out this clever tool which can attach two different kinds of surface together..(like attach hp to the inner walls of the car or something)  ( I don’t know the right term for it) and throw and huge freaking thing onto my laptop when I got my back turn from him. It sticks on my screen! I got shocked la because it has a shattering sound to it.. Laptop’s fine… I was not. Naj and the couple covered their mouths  from laughing too loudly because apparently ” my expression was priceless”


Najwa took that black thing and experiment it on different kinds of surfaces. And guess what people?  She decided to try to stick it on my glasses. So, she threw that black thing on my face and due to the short distance and her excellent aim, it. freaking. sticks. on. my. spectacles.

Idiot. The ‘performance’ received a roaring laughter from everyone…even khalis…. I looked stupid sia.

She begged me to throw it one my face another time and aqeem continue to mercilessly attacked us with his blue tack. Never felt so bullied before in my entire life. Hmmphff….

Hahahhahahah!! Why do i have such weird crazy gerek friends??? So yeah. Crazy afternoon!

On a serious note, I need to get back to studying antibiotics for tmr’s gdp.

All in all, in the midst of a stressful week I thank YA Rabb for surround me with such funny and good friends!  Alhamdulillah!!!

Back to books!!


The opening of Teaching Dispensary

The Grand opening of Teaching Dispensary took place yesterday at W44E which coincides with the first day of RP’s open house. Wohooo!

We had our second lesson in the Teaching Dispensary before it’s official grand opening. Kinda odd if you ask me but our GDP lessons have always been odd from the start. So nah, it doesn’t bother any of us that much.

As usual, we begin the class with drug quiz and ‘Prescription Intervention’ (not really an intervention per say, just noting down what went wrong in the prescription). Class was not as stressful as compared to previous lessons because firstly it was disruptive with staffs coming in and out making sure everything at tip top condition. I understand their level of anxiousness to keep everything in flawless state before the Grand opening. But still, my focus wavered every time someone comes in and goes out. Secondly, there was a celebratory feeling in the air. I can’t help but to anticipate what would be in store for the class as well as Chooty in the afternoon. Until that time comes, I was kept on my toes.


The laid-back team


Coming to 11.30am, a lot of DPHM lecturers came down to do last minute inspection of the room as well as students involved. They inspect our attires and those in crumbled coats were sent to the Optometry Room (which is just next door actually) to get it ironed. First time in my whole student life that I have to iron my clothes during lesson time! HAHHAHAHA! A bunch of us were sent down to the next room because of that.

There was this particular scene that I can’t forget as quickly as my GDP knowledge between Faci and Dr C. during the inspection. Faci raised the issue on the bench getting easily dusty and wanted to get the cleaners to quickly dust off everything.Dr C said ‘this kind of things can do ourselves’. So he went over to the dusty spot and dust it off himself. It works fine. But what gets the whole class laughing was the fact that Faci joked ” Sorry ah, I don’t have PhD so I cannot dust it off myself”. We didn’t expected THAT from him. There’s a fine line between making a joke and being rude. I guess that remark sits directly on that fine line. Nevertheless, it was a memorable scene. JC got the guts for it huh? Hahahaha!

Everyone gathered in the Optometry room and get ourselves readied for the Opening of Teaching Dispensaries aftr satisfactory lunch. So when students involved in the session one went out for the ‘show’, session 2 and 3 students stayed back in the Optometry room to wait for our turn. To maintain our anxiousness for the ‘show’, we scare ourselves by telling ghost stories and acting silly.


Session 2 & 3 students!



When boredom strikes, art, creativity and nonsense come in handy



Fel: I need to protect my boyfriend from being ridiculed by Ganster Fit Fit: YOH! XY: WTH guys…heheheh

Fel: I need to protect my boyfriend from being ridiculed by Fit

Fit: YOH!!

XY: Wth guys…hehehehe…

The post picture of the photo above was hilarious. Exactly aft snapping that picture, one of the staffs came in to look what we were up to. The 3 of us scrambled away from the desk as quickly as our legs allowed. Unfortunately for me, unlike my friends who were on the edge on the table, I was in the middle which make it twice as hard to scramble down quickly. She saw us nevertheless. Can’t express how embarrass I was after that that I have to hide behind the wall.



My partner in crime<3



When it’s student’s from session 2’s turn for show, I panicked and told Naj that if anyone wants to interview us in Malay, it would have to be her because sadly my Bahasa Melayu is very rusty and a lot of maintenance is needed to polish them up. She said if that happened, it will be the end for both of us because her Malay is bad too. Hahaha…(ketawa hambar)

CNA and Channel 5 news crew were there when we entered the Teaching Dispensary. I was awestruck with behind the scene stuff when the reporter memorising her line, camera man and his assistance with loads on his waist. Didnt manage to snap pictures because I left my phone in the other room. Dang it.

So the class appeared in Channel 5 News and CNA yesterday. Our proud moments:





Opps! Spot someone familiar here?







Faci, for some reason you are on my blog reading this, on behalf of DPHM students, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sleepless nights, stresses, sweats and killing some brain cells in the process to create a Teaching Dispensary that stimulate like a real Pharmacy to facilitate in our learning. We definitely appreciate it so much! Although the news did not showcase the behind the scene staffs and lecturers involved, we know that you guys deserved recognition as well!!THANK YOU SO MUCH ALL!




I headed home afterwards with these chicks who couldn’t stop laughing at my version of cat-walking. Thanks guys. -.-|||

In Shaa Allah, to many more proud moments and 1 minute of fames!!



Lazy days


I woke up to the rhythm of the pouring rain and it makes me want to snuggle in bed much much longer than I plan to. Thinking about the amount of works waiting for me, I lost the mood to be lazy.






It feels like it was decades ago since I have a written assignment. But oh well, It feels amazing to write. I miss writing in general whether or not it’s on school assignments, poems, life events, I miss the feeling of feeling something ooze out my head and makes my shoulder lighter and my head clearer. I’m going to resume writing….maybe. 🙂

Have y’all play the game Quizup? If you haven’t do check it out. I have been playing it quite recently and I find its educational because it test you on subjects that you think you know it all. Its great exercise for the brain. Gets you thinking and stuff. Did I mention that it can get sassy on you? Hahaha… it has become my favorite app to play. XD




For all the motivation that has been fading out from me, I hope to that I am strong enough to hold on to the remaining motivations and soldier on through the obstacles that may come in my way. In sha Allah.

Midpoint Update: November has been kind

Or maybe I choose to feel more optimistic rather than letting things get into my head and ruin my weeks. 😀

Anyways, I am pretty motivated to do well this month. This could probably results from a string of fortunate events that have occurred:

1) Passed GDP counselling (1 to 1 with JC)

2) Completed my turn of counselling (during class) for the topic on ASTHMA

3) Found Faber Castell Pens!

4) Walked through a bad storm (it’s fortunate and I’ll tell you why)

5) Shopping at POPLOOK (at last!)

ALHAMDULILLAH!! Alhamdulillah! Many praises to Allah for these blessings!

Among the stresses and the days that demands a lot from me, I am still able to find my smile.

First and foremost, I totally did not expect to pass my GDP counselling first time off. In all honesty, I think i did badly because I took so long to decipher the prescription and checking if there is any interactions/drugs duplication and whatnot on the prescription. To say that it was stressful for that 30 min Counselling test, I wouldn’t think it that way because it was counter balance with JC trying to light up the mood by chatting about other stuffs. A bit distracting but manageable. At the end of the Counselling test, JC mentioned that he was impressed that I am able to manage to link up the drugs and the conditions of the patient and he can tell that I know what I am doing / saying by the way I look up for the drugs in BNF through the system and not just bullshitting my way through…

I was of course shell shocked when he feedback that to me. I mean c’mon Faci… I was able to pass because of the following questions (after analyzing the prescription ) you asked, right? Because I feel that my level of knowledge is shallow as compared to my friend, Aisha. Her Counselling test was few hours before mine and she told me about how well her’s end up. It did not come as logical to me when she didn’t pass but I do. So, I felt guilty for passing after seeing how upset she was after her test with swollen red eyes. I didn’t text her right away about my result. I feel double guilty when she finally got to find out about my result and congratulate me through a friend. A guilty conscience needs to accuser. I  feel bad about it still.

On a brighter note, I clear my counselling test 1 to 1 with JC.

Rumors has it that a lot of people failed the test and a handful cried after it. Oral test can be overwhelming and demanding than it appears to be. I don’t blame them for feeling that way because I too was on the verge on saying ” Faci, I want to give up” during the test. This is one of the few moments where I thank myself for not saying my thoughts out loud.

Counselling during class was not bad too. I’d got the topic on asthma and it was…easy. I cannot afford to be too complacent in JC’s class so I guess it was okay. He tested me on counselling on the techniques of Inhaler device. I thought I counsel patient well.. but in the end I got shoot down because I mix up between fungal and bacterial growth if patient don’t gurgle mouth after inhaling corticosteroid for their long term preventive asthma therapy. Oral thrush = fungal growth. Got it.

So, my turn of counselling in class is over! Yay! But I’d still have tons of works to do. We still have to video the counselor on counselling on ALL the different types of inhaler devices as a team effort. One shot. That’s it. Actually, my team did it once but we encountered a glitch. As I was nearing to the end of my counselling in the video, my hands slip and the Accuhaler device fly out from my grip. It dropped dramatically on the floor. Funny as hell. We couldnt retake the video shooting because I was out of time. So we planned to do it again next Wednesday. Oh Man… Pray that everything ends up smoothly… It still made me happy 🙂

Yesterday, on my Friday class, Aqeem asked if Viagra can be swallowed out of the blue. All heads turn to him. Silence followed afterwards. We burst out laughing when he showed us the pen that got during his Internship. Other’s thn follow suit showing me the ‘special’ pen they got during their Internship.




Talking about pens… I am so delighted to announce that I have found Popular branch that sell my beloved brand of pen! Causeway Point! Hahah! All these while it was under my nose… hahahah!! Woots Check out my FABER CASTELL pens below!



All time favourite pens

Apart from the smooth writing i get, I like the design too! You might see me often in Causeway point Popular soon!


I mentioned earlier about walking through a storm earlier on. I feel that it’s an eye opener for me. So this happened after school when we were otw to bus interchange. It didn’t came to our mind to wait for the rain to stop before proceed. I guess we were all mentally tired after a day of GDP. Half way through the walk, the winds started to pick up speed, downpours become heavy and many burst of bright lights of lightning streak across the sky. Thunders heard in matters of seconds afterward. It goes to show how near we are to them lightnings! Visibility was up to only 5 metres in front. Road cones and signage started to fall. I grew uneasy with the situation. At that point my friends and I were climbing the second overhead bridge and we dont dare to cross it because firstly, I was personally scared and was convinced that the tree next to the bridge will fall & hit the bridge in the process and secondly the wind mercilessly blow the rain into the shelter which obstructs our visibility point. AllahuAkbar! How scared was I! My heart was in constant mode of zikir. I have never ever been in such a weather in singopore!  At that point my friends and I were drenched to the skin despite walking under the shelter… Kesejukkan terasa hingga dalam tulang. We only started to cross the bridge after we saw this guy in grey jubah brave through the cold and storm.

Once we finally reached the Bus Interchange safely, Aisha and I decided to walked around the mall to dry ourselves. We werent completely dry so when I got in the bus, the blast of cold air from the bus air con chills me to the core.

I did went into reflection mode during the walk to the bus interchange. Death keeps no calender. I could have died on my way home because there were tons of hazards that could take my life away but no… Allah still wants me to live. The whole journey gets it into me ah… AllahuAkbar.. I cant express it in words of gratitude about that whole event…

If Allah wants it to happen, it will and nothing will stop it for Allah is GOD of the universe. 

It’s an eye opener. I hope I treasure the seconds, hours, days , months, years before my time to part from this world. May Allah protect us all. Amin!

To sum everything up, this is a great month as there are a lot of things to gain from. Alhamdullilah! Alhamdullilah! Alhamdullilah!

I saw a quote a friend of mine shared on facebook and i will end this post off with it:

“A hopeless man see difficulty in every chances but a hopeful man see chances in every difficulty”



Phasing out from Facebook

Facebook-ing has been in the least of my activities lately. Reason simply because I feel very restricted when posting status. There are too many lecturers that I’ve (am forced) to be friends with. Not that I want to post anything against them but it feels like as if my movements/status are being watched. I don’t feel comfortable. I can’t be myself (waiitt… Is there such thing as couldn’t be myself in the cyber world anyway?)

Thereby, I switch to blogging my thoughts out. And it’s time for me to give my attention to my blog after months of leaving it untouched. Heh.

But there are pros and cons being friends with your lecturers on facebook though. They’ll re-post articles that will/might help you out in studies. They’ve been a student before and a teacher still, so maybe they understand the kind of struggle that students face and thus share the articles with the intention to help us out. Also, since it’s on FB (not formal-ish communication platform), you’ll feel more willing to read those articles. I dont know about you guys but I’ll remember stuffs better if I am willing to read/study them. So they are pretty helpful.

Facebook is a place where I (used to) openly share my thoughts or life experience on things with my friends that I have selectively chosen. Adding lecturers as friends makes me feel vulnerable and exposed because my almost entire embarrassing pictures/ stories/ situation are out there in the open. And you cant even tell your friends that tag your unglam photos to take them down ‘else half of the entire story will be gone. You dont want to be the wet blanket. HAISH!

Maybe Facebook should make an option whereby only certain people in your friends list can see the real you and the rest will see you as a model character.

But that’ll be bad because if you are trying to stalk someone, the perception of the personality of that person is distorted because of that FB option. THAT WILL MAKE YOUR STALKING EXPERIENCE UNFAVORABLE. My definition of stalking is getting to know someone on social media without having to actually physically face them and talk. There’s no point if you want to get up close and personal you literally have to go up close and personal with them irl. -.-|| I mean that works too…. if you have guts.

My crush status got me hooked on FB. I was FB freak. When I go to camps or rural places where wifi signals are not established, figuratively, I’d go cold turkey. Rest assured, I am okay now. I’m still hook to his posts but it is under control. Hahaha… Time always heals 

So, to any FB friends dropping by, HELLO! The fact that you are able to find me means you mean too dear to my life. So now you know the reason of my FB in-activeness heh!

Send my love and regards to the rest of my friends…Tell them that I am okay and healthy..and if they want me to see an article posted on FB, I’ll only be able to do that once a week.


With much love,


Highly Prone to Distractions


“Time you enjoy wasting is not a wasted time”

I am suppose to be studying but ohwells! A ‘perfect’ timing to get distracted and create a blog:) (But in all seriousness, I’ve gotta kick away this bad habit)

“When you think you don’t have time to do something that you want, make time for that. And make it happen! ”

I guess I have to compensate this timing to burning the midnight oil later… And burn my brain in the process too.. and no worries about it guys! I kinda used to get my brain fried every now and then. It’s a norm. Ini semua ialah normal bagiku.

In conjunction with my first post of many many many posts to come, lets start with Bismillah and may this blog of volumes of wandering thoughts be wholesome, beneficial for you peeps out there!

YAY to fried brain:)

DHPM modules FTW!!!