The opening of Teaching Dispensary

The Grand opening of Teaching Dispensary took place yesterday at W44E which coincides with the first day of RP’s open house. Wohooo!

We had our second lesson in the Teaching Dispensary before it’s official grand opening. Kinda odd if you ask me but our GDP lessons have always been odd from the start. So nah, it doesn’t bother any of us that much.

As usual, we begin the class with drug quiz and ‘Prescription Intervention’ (not really an intervention per say, just noting down what went wrong in the prescription). Class was not as stressful as compared to previous lessons because firstly it was disruptive with staffs coming in and out making sure everything at tip top condition. I understand their level of anxiousness to keep everything in flawless state before the Grand opening. But still, my focus wavered every time someone comes in and goes out. Secondly, there was a celebratory feeling in the air. I can’t help but to anticipate what would be in store for the class as well as Chooty in the afternoon. Until that time comes, I was kept on my toes.


The laid-back team


Coming to 11.30am, a lot of DPHM lecturers came down to do last minute inspection of the room as well as students involved. They inspect our attires and those in crumbled coats were sent to the Optometry Room (which is just next door actually) to get it ironed. First time in my whole student life that I have to iron my clothes during lesson time! HAHHAHAHA! A bunch of us were sent down to the next room because of that.

There was this particular scene that I can’t forget as quickly as my GDP knowledge between Faci and Dr C. during the inspection. Faci raised the issue on the bench getting easily dusty and wanted to get the cleaners to quickly dust off everything.Dr C said ‘this kind of things can do ourselves’. So he went over to the dusty spot and dust it off himself. It works fine. But what gets the whole class laughing was the fact that Faci joked ” Sorry ah, I don’t have PhD so I cannot dust it off myself”. We didn’t expected THAT from him. There’s a fine line between making a joke and being rude. I guess that remark sits directly on that fine line. Nevertheless, it was a memorable scene. JC got the guts for it huh? Hahahaha!

Everyone gathered in the Optometry room and get ourselves readied for the Opening of Teaching Dispensaries aftr satisfactory lunch. So when students involved in the session one went out for the ‘show’, session 2 and 3 students stayed back in the Optometry room to wait for our turn. To maintain our anxiousness for the ‘show’, we scare ourselves by telling ghost stories and acting silly.


Session 2 & 3 students!



When boredom strikes, art, creativity and nonsense come in handy



Fel: I need to protect my boyfriend from being ridiculed by Ganster Fit Fit: YOH! XY: WTH guys…heheheh

Fel: I need to protect my boyfriend from being ridiculed by Fit

Fit: YOH!!

XY: Wth guys…hehehehe…

The post picture of the photo above was hilarious. Exactly aft snapping that picture, one of the staffs came in to look what we were up to. The 3 of us scrambled away from the desk as quickly as our legs allowed. Unfortunately for me, unlike my friends who were on the edge on the table, I was in the middle which make it twice as hard to scramble down quickly. She saw us nevertheless. Can’t express how embarrass I was after that that I have to hide behind the wall.



My partner in crime<3



When it’s student’s from session 2’s turn for show, I panicked and told Naj that if anyone wants to interview us in Malay, it would have to be her because sadly my Bahasa Melayu is very rusty and a lot of maintenance is needed to polish them up. She said if that happened, it will be the end for both of us because her Malay is bad too. Hahaha…(ketawa hambar)

CNA and Channel 5 news crew were there when we entered the Teaching Dispensary. I was awestruck with behind the scene stuff when the reporter memorising her line, camera man and his assistance with loads on his waist. Didnt manage to snap pictures because I left my phone in the other room. Dang it.

So the class appeared in Channel 5 News and CNA yesterday. Our proud moments:





Opps! Spot someone familiar here?







Faci, for some reason you are on my blog reading this, on behalf of DPHM students, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sleepless nights, stresses, sweats and killing some brain cells in the process to create a Teaching Dispensary that stimulate like a real Pharmacy to facilitate in our learning. We definitely appreciate it so much! Although the news did not showcase the behind the scene staffs and lecturers involved, we know that you guys deserved recognition as well!!THANK YOU SO MUCH ALL!




I headed home afterwards with these chicks who couldn’t stop laughing at my version of cat-walking. Thanks guys. -.-|||

In Shaa Allah, to many more proud moments and 1 minute of fames!!




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