Why is society’s idea of beauty so often either ‘white or light’?

Amit Singh wrote a well elaborated article on human beauty – something that I have always wanted to write about but afraid to start writing on it.

“It is clear that beauty is often equated with ideas of whiteness. Many people strive to look whiter in a bid to appear attractive  through manipulation of their hair, plastic surgery or even through skin whitening. The very nature of the existence of skin whitening products only reaffirms the point that people are literally being sold an idea of beauty as whiteness or lightness. ” – Amit Singh

Part of the reason that people feel this way is because of high accessibility to western media. The western creates so much hype and sensations on their movies /soap operas that the rest part of the globe are attracted to them and we subconsciously begin to constructs our own ideas of ‘beautiful’ based on majority of the white celebrities that have come to dominate our taste in entertainment. What’s more social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr promotes fast deliveries of western sensation to us.

The thing is people need to start appreciating their own brand of beautiful and embrace the diversity of beauty in us.

Media Diversified

by Amit Singh

Since model Jordan Dunn took to instagram on the 2nd of January to announce that she will be gracing the cover of the February edition of British Vogue there has been much excitement from some quarters.

The reason for this is because Dunn is the first solo black model to grace the cover of the fashion bible in 12 years (last one being Naomi Campbell in 2002).


While this is being celebrated by some, others may be wondering how, in this day and age, a renowned fashion publication has over the last 12 years featured only 2 black women on the cover.

It’s not really a huge shock to hear that the fashion industry has a major diversity problem. In fact, it would be more of a shock to hear that it didn’t. Last month the Fashion Spot looked at 44 major print magazines from around the…

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