Never ending List

I was thinking of making a list of things that I want to do and it just coincides with the upcoming annual resolution list that majority of the human population will come out with followed New Year. I have been known with my impromptu work /activities; I do whenever I feel like it. So…umm this is not my 2015 resolution list (you’ll know why shortly).

Here goes.

Things that I want to do (when i have the money or time for it)(not in any particular order or priority unless otherwise stated):

1) Be a swimmer – heck! I can’t even float upright without any support from life buoy in deep pool at this age.

  • Buy new swimming costume since I have outsize the current one. Hahaha!! If not, you all can see my blubber..
  • Oh! not forgetting the muslimah swimming hoodie. I’ll  definitely look like a snowman with my round face and round body. Note to self: don’t buy white coloured swimwear

2) Continue archery. And beat the hell out of RP archers. Admittedly, they are good. To satisfy my esteem, from the Maslow hierarchy of needs, to boost my confidence, I. Need. To. Destroy. Them. which I am sure it will take forever to master the basics when they only take few minutes in comparison. Whatever… dont care. As long my equipment don’t rust can liao.

3) Quickly find full time job so I can quickly quit my current part time job which can barely sustain my needs in a single month’s pay. Thank GOD I still live with my parents ‘else I have to get shelter from the tent by the beach.

4) Be a runner. Now that I am in charge of a platoon again, I have to be physically fit so that I can do crazy things with them. I am not kidding when I say crazy. Talking about SJAB, side note –> please change to pants when wearing uniform.

5) Be slim and fit and healthy. I started this resolution since I was sec 3. IT IS AN ONGOING PROCESS. I cannot understand why I still cannot achieve this stupid thing until now.  My determination has always been short lived 😦 . I almost reached the journey of being fit when I was in sec 4 (few more kilograms to my ideal weight). After coming back from a holiday in Malaysia however, I allowed myself to let loose and eat whatever the hell I want. I thought I was in controlled in that situation however I didnt know that my cravings and temptations can be more powerful than my determination. That’s the story on how my almost success story went spiral downwards. And my weight naik makin menjadi in polytechnic. Honestly, its hard to get the momentum going. This is the exact reason why my ‘new year’s resolution list’ cannot last for a year. It’s a continuation from the last last last last last last last year. And I am still not done with it!

6) Graduate with few awards. **Priority*** I need a lot of awards now looking at how pathetic my GPA is. Sooo…. STUDY SMARTER!!!!!! 2 more months !!URGHHH

7) BRACES (self explanatory)

8) Khatam Quran. Seriously. I cannot depend on the month of Ramadhan to start this mission anymore. I need to start like now.

– the list will stop here for now-

Maybe I should start doing monthly follow up so that I can get to achieve my goals quickly huh…

So Yep.

Hopefully I am able to motivate myself to do all of these things!

To the endless wishlist and more of it!



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