” Ungrateful, Insolent, Shitty attitude”

” Ungrateful, Insolent, Shitty attitude”

Someone just accuse me of having those miserable character. I can’t blame him anyway if what he say were true. I don’t think he deserve my apology for misbehaving for only the short intense moment. Here’s why:

I cannot fathom why someone has to interfere with the issue he has no idea about. You claimed that you know what happened during my argument with Adil’s. It baffles me so much when you said that. According to logic, you weren’t logical. I was inches away from Adil’s face when he give me trouble. I KNOW WHAT HE SAID AND WHAT HE DIDN’T SAY before i give him a deserving shout to his face. You claimed that he said ” Excuse me” before he shoved his shoulder into my way when I was cleaning the kitchen. You were in the living room for goodness sake. I was inches away from him. AND I AM THE ONE WHO SCREAMED ” TAK BOLEH CAKAP EXCUSE ME KE PE?!?!” to Adil because he didn’t give me one. Perhaps you need a shout to your face too when you accuse me with such. Get your facts right before arguing with me brother.

Also, I cannot understand someone when he said ” I think you deserve it when I treat you like shit because you treat us like shit also” when that someone has long been treating me like shit before I reflect his actions to him. Abang, I think you are suffering from severe long term memory loss. Do consult doctor soon. I worry for you.

“Muka macam gitu nak pakai braces! Sudahlah ! Tak tau bersyukur!!! ”  Are you listening to yourself Abang? The fact that I have this face (which result from having protruded front teeth) is the reason I need braces badly. If you are inferring that  I have admirable features then I thank you but… I don’t think that’s the case. Even making that statement to me yourself, it shivers me in disgust. You are born with genetic lottery for goodness sake! PEOPLE PRAISE MAK AND BAPAK TO HAVE A HANDSOME SON LIKE YOU. Can you think some relevant points in advance before an argument with me? PEOPLE DON’T TAKE SECOND GLANCES AT ME WHATS MORE PRAISING MY PARENTS! Do you understand my rationale of this point??? You are making our parents proud by just being who you are! Do you know how much effort I have to make in order to make them proud?? I have to literally be under the needles to have the same kind of physical standard like you do! Do you understand me? For someone who is going NTU, you need a lot of explanation for a single argument we had.

I am still not settle on remark you made ” I think you deserve it when I treat you like shit because you treat us like shit also”. You are back in this house for only 3 days as compared to everyone else who has been here since we’ve moved here. For some reason, I misbehaved only when you come back home. So to you, it seems like I have always misbehaved. Doesn’t that ring a bell?  I really expect more from you to think better after you have gone through NS. Really such a disappointment. sigh..do i have to really explain to you everything??!?  The fact that I misbehaved is because you irritate the fuck out of me when you are home! You blast that music of yours like as if everyone enjoys the music. You interrupted my peace. And it irks me more to see that mak always treat you better than me. I helped her with household chores and stuff and yet I get no such sweet talk from her! I have give up recently. That owing to the mountains of unfolded clean clothes on the chairs and unclean dishes to the sink. I have done so much yet I dont get what I want. I HAVE DONE SO MUCH! SO MUCH! And the moment I give up yall start saying I didnt help with household chores and stuff and I am lazy and stuff. Incredible that yall ALWAYS NOTICE THE BAD STUFF AND REMAIN IGNORANT ON THE GOOD THINGS I HAVE DONE. Thanks guys. Yall have been such a supporting family members.

The root of the problem is that yall need to understand the situation before accuse people as such. CONTEXT IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE.


I LITERALLY HAVE 4 PEOPLE AGAINST ME in this house. 1 remain neutral. If you think by giving nasty remarks helps me to become better person, maybe you guys should re-evaluate your points. Please. Or better yet, put yourselves in my shoes. It’s already hard to be emotionally attach in a family where they don’t talk about feelings openly, it make things twice as difficult to be kept accused of things that are poorly understood.

IRKS ME TO THE CORE THAT I AM NOT GIVEN THE TIME TO EXPLAIN MYSELF and yet I am to be blamed for everything.

Do message / whatsapp me your rebuttal points after you read this ..if you have one. It will make us civilised.


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