Natural Beauty

As I was immense in my boring hobby of scrolling down my FB wall, I stumbled across this picture which my friend posted.



Masha Allah! Such beauty ain’t it? She took the picture at the convenience of her home. Such a lucky girl. I really could not help but to be mesmerized of such beauty. So I asked her permission if I could get this picture posted on my blog so I can fill my satisfaction of staring at this masterpiece without going to someone’s account for fear of being labelled as ‘stalker’. Hahaha! Masha Allah!

Well, now that I am into the topic of Nature, it’s time to let you guys in a ‘secret’. I am actually a huge fan of enjoying the company’s of nature. Mmm… the way I put it seems odd. Basically I am nature lover. [Ha! short and sweet!] And I have been actually observing the moon rise and moon set lately. It’s actually kinda cool! Especially when the moon is at it’s optimum phase of a full moon and it shone brightly at night! Or even a bright gibbous moon can bring such comfort. Allah the Almighty! My favourite part while observing moon rise is when I actually can see the moon rising behind the tall HDB building across my block. The whole experience is spectacular whether or not its gibbous or crescent or full moon. I cannot get enough of that.  Cloudless night is the best night to observe them moons. I didnt catch much about moon set. Perhaps its because of the inconvenience of time and also a lot of obstructions to view the moon clearly.

Remember about the short lived fiasco of super moon in August this year? Guess what? I actually manage to catch it! Actually I am not sure if it’s super moon though. But it was huge than the usual ones that i came to love.  All praises to Allah for the opportunity!! 


I love how the sky radiates from the moon light. This is the view from my balcony.

It was enormous than usual! I was actually eating snacks when I discover about the size of the moon. My legs naturally stood rooted to the floor, I can’t chew my food or even close my mouth. I couldnt do anything because I was awestruck by the beauty of the moon. Subhahanallah!  So that whole night, I bask in the beauty of the moon!


I really wanted to share about the moon so I posted on LINE

When I traveled to SL the other time, I was too given the opportunity to witness the sunset from my room balcony.




I miss the warm feeling from the sun setting



It just that sometimes while catching a glimpse of natures beauty, all the worldly things that are happening around just fade while you are focus to the majestic view ahead. I am grateful for such opportunity and be given such blessing to have eyes to witness how beautifully Allah has paint the sky. I am in love with how orderliness, timely and sophisticated with how the world works. Thank you Ya Rabb!




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