Lazy days


I woke up to the rhythm of the pouring rain and it makes me want to snuggle in bed much much longer than I plan to. Thinking about the amount of works waiting for me, I lost the mood to be lazy.






It feels like it was decades ago since I have a written assignment. But oh well, It feels amazing to write. I miss writing in general whether or not it’s on school assignments, poems, life events, I miss the feeling of feeling something ooze out my head and makes my shoulder lighter and my head clearer. I’m going to resume writing….maybe. 🙂

Have y’all play the game Quizup? If you haven’t do check it out. I have been playing it quite recently and I find its educational because it test you on subjects that you think you know it all. Its great exercise for the brain. Gets you thinking and stuff. Did I mention that it can get sassy on you? Hahaha… it has become my favorite app to play. XD




For all the motivation that has been fading out from me, I hope to that I am strong enough to hold on to the remaining motivations and soldier on through the obstacles that may come in my way. In sha Allah.


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