Midpoint Update: November has been kind

Or maybe I choose to feel more optimistic rather than letting things get into my head and ruin my weeks. ūüėÄ

Anyways, I am pretty motivated to do well this month. This could probably results from a string of fortunate events that have occurred:

1) Passed GDP counselling (1 to 1 with JC)

2) Completed my turn of counselling (during class) for the topic on ASTHMA

3) Found Faber Castell Pens!

4) Walked through¬†a bad storm¬†(it’s fortunate and I’ll tell you why)

5) Shopping at POPLOOK (at last!)

ALHAMDULILLAH!! Alhamdulillah! Many praises to Allah for these blessings!

Among the stresses and the days that demands a lot from me, I am still able to find my smile.

First and foremost, I totally did not expect to pass my GDP counselling first time off. In all honesty, I think i did badly because I took so long to decipher the prescription and checking if there is any interactions/drugs duplication and whatnot on the prescription. To say that it was stressful for that 30 min Counselling test, I wouldn’t think it that way because it was counter balance with JC trying to light up the mood by chatting about other stuffs. A bit distracting but manageable. At the end of the Counselling test, JC mentioned that he was impressed that I am able to manage to link up the drugs and the conditions of the patient and he can tell that I know what I am doing / saying by the way I look up for the drugs in BNF through the system and not just bullshitting my way through…

I was of course shell shocked when he feedback that to me. I mean c’mon Faci… I was able to pass because of the following questions (after analyzing the prescription ) you asked, right? Because I feel that my level of knowledge is shallow as compared to my friend, Aisha. Her Counselling test was few hours before mine and she told me about how well her’s end up. It did not come as logical to me when she didn’t pass but I do. So, I felt guilty for passing after¬†seeing how upset she was after her test with swollen red eyes. I didn’t text her right away about my result. I feel double guilty when she finally got to find out about my result and congratulate me through a friend.¬†A guilty conscience needs to accuser.¬†I ¬†feel bad about it still.

On a brighter note, I clear my counselling test 1 to 1 with JC.

Rumors has it that a lot of people failed the test and a handful cried after it. Oral test can be overwhelming and demanding than it appears to be. I don’t blame them for feeling that way because I too was on the verge on saying ” Faci, I want to give up” during the test. This is one of the few moments where I thank myself for not saying my thoughts out loud.

Counselling during class was not bad too. I’d got the topic on asthma and it was…easy. I cannot afford to be too complacent in JC’s class so I guess it was okay. He tested me on counselling on the techniques of Inhaler device. I thought¬†I counsel patient¬†well.. but in the end I got shoot down because I mix up between fungal and bacterial growth if patient don’t gurgle mouth after inhaling¬†corticosteroid¬†for their long term preventive asthma therapy. Oral thrush = fungal growth. Got it.

So, my turn of counselling in class is over! Yay! But I’d still have tons of works to do. We still have to video the counselor on counselling on¬†ALL the different types of inhaler devices as a team effort. One shot. That’s it. Actually, my team did it once but we encountered a glitch. As I was nearing to the end of my counselling in the video, my hands slip and the Accuhaler device fly out from my grip. It dropped dramatically on the floor. Funny as hell. We couldnt retake the video shooting because I was out of time. So we planned to do it again next Wednesday. Oh Man… Pray that everything ends up smoothly… It still made me happy ūüôā

Yesterday, on my Friday class, Aqeem asked if Viagra can be swallowed out of the blue. All heads turn to him. Silence followed afterwards. We burst out laughing when he showed us the pen that got during his Internship. Other’s thn follow suit showing me the ‘special’¬†pen they got during their Internship.




Talking about pens… I am so delighted to announce that I have found Popular branch that sell my beloved brand of pen! Causeway Point! Hahah! All these while it was under my nose… hahahah!! Woots Check out my FABER CASTELL pens below!



All time favourite pens

Apart from the smooth writing i get, I like the design too! You might see me often in Causeway point Popular soon!


I mentioned earlier about walking through a storm earlier on. I feel that it’s an eye opener for me. So this happened after school when we were otw to bus interchange. It didn’t came to our mind to wait for the rain to stop before proceed. I guess we were all mentally tired after a day of GDP. Half way through the walk, the winds started to pick up speed, downpours become heavy and many burst of bright lights of lightning streak across the sky. Thunders heard in matters of seconds afterward. It goes to show how near we are to them lightnings! Visibility was up to only 5 metres in front. Road cones and signage started to fall. I grew uneasy with the situation. At that point my friends and I were climbing the second overhead bridge and we dont dare to cross it because firstly, I was personally scared and was convinced that the tree next to the bridge will fall & hit the bridge in the process and secondly the wind mercilessly blow the rain into the shelter which obstructs our visibility point.¬†AllahuAkbar!¬†How scared was I! My heart was in constant mode of¬†zikir. I have never ever been in such a weather in singopore!¬† At that point my friends and I were drenched to the skin despite walking under the shelter… Kesejukkan terasa hingga dalam tulang. We only started to cross the bridge after we saw this guy in grey jubah brave through the cold and storm.

Once we finally reached the Bus Interchange safely, Aisha and I decided to walked around the mall to dry ourselves. We werent completely dry so when I got in the bus, the blast of cold air from the bus air con chills me to the core.

I did went into reflection mode during the walk to the bus interchange.¬†Death keeps no calender. I could have died on my way home because there were tons of hazards that could take my life away but no… Allah still wants me to live. The whole journey gets it into me ah…¬†AllahuAkbar.. I cant express it in words of gratitude about that whole event…

If Allah wants it to happen, it will and nothing will stop it for Allah is GOD of the universe. 

It’s an eye opener. I hope I treasure the seconds, hours, days , months, years before my time to part from this world. May Allah protect us all. Amin!

To sum everything up, this is a great month as there are a lot of things to gain from. Alhamdullilah! Alhamdullilah! Alhamdullilah!

I saw a quote a friend of mine shared on facebook and i will end this post off with it:

“A hopeless man see difficulty in every chances but a hopeful man see chances in every difficulty”




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