Phasing out from Facebook

Facebook-ing has been in the least of my activities lately. Reason simply because I feel very restricted when posting status. There are too many lecturers that I’ve (am forced) to be friends with. Not that I want to post anything against them but it feels like as if my movements/status are being watched. I don’t feel comfortable. I can’t be myself (waiitt… Is there such thing as couldn’t be myself in the cyber world anyway?)

Thereby, I switch to blogging my thoughts out. And it’s time for me to give my attention to my blog after months of leaving it untouched. Heh.

But there are pros and cons being friends with your lecturers on facebook though. They’ll re-post articles that will/might help you out in studies. They’ve been a student before and a teacher still, so maybe they understand the kind of struggle that students face and thus share the articles with the intention to help us out. Also, since it’s on FB (not formal-ish communication platform), you’ll feel more willing to read those articles. I dont know about you guys but I’ll remember stuffs better if I am willing to read/study them. So they are pretty helpful.

Facebook is a place where I (used to) openly share my thoughts or life experience on things with my friends that I have selectively chosen. Adding lecturers as friends makes me feel vulnerable and exposed because my almost entire embarrassing pictures/ stories/ situation are out there in the open. And you cant even tell your friends that tag your unglam photos to take them down ‘else half of the entire story will be gone. You dont want to be the wet blanket. HAISH!

Maybe Facebook should make an option whereby only certain people in your friends list can see the real you and the rest will see you as a model character.

But that’ll be bad because if you are trying to stalk someone, the perception of the personality of that person is distorted because of that FB option. THAT WILL MAKE YOUR STALKING EXPERIENCE UNFAVORABLE. My definition of stalking is getting to know someone on social media without having to actually physically face them and talk. There’s no point if you want to get up close and personal you literally have to go up close and personal with them irl. -.-|| I mean that works too…. if you have guts.

My crush status got me hooked on FB. I was FB freak. When I go to camps or rural places where wifi signals are not established, figuratively, I’d go cold turkey. Rest assured, I am okay now. I’m still hook to his posts but it is under control. Hahaha… Time always heals 

So, to any FB friends dropping by, HELLO! The fact that you are able to find me means you mean too dear to my life. So now you know the reason of my FB in-activeness heh!

Send my love and regards to the rest of my friends…Tell them that I am okay and healthy..and if they want me to see an article posted on FB, I’ll only be able to do that once a week.


With much love,



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