The Last Stretch

This will be my 3rd week of school (like finally!) after my long term break after completion of my IIP. Adjusting back to school life is not really a problem. I do in fact miss school life especially during my Internship and will definitely cherish every moment in school now!! Haha! The perks of having my IIP in the 1st semester is that you can still can back and enjoy the life in school before officially ‘break free’ of school activities.

For this semester, I took 3 Modules which comprises of 2 Compulsory mods and 1 Elective Mods. The 2 compulsory ones are Lab Management and GDP (Good Dispensing Practice). Diet Supplements being my elective.

Diet Supp and Lab Management are pretty easy and manageable (for now) and are the least of my worries. I honestly like Diet Supp classes. For a person who has been through futile management of her diets and healthy lifestyle, this module is so for me. Ive get to better my understanding of the types of foods. Though these information are readily available on the net, i got the satisfaction in learning thoroughly in classrooms. You’ve get your doubts to be clarified in an instant unlike surfing through the web and get your question partially answered. And also… its much more fun learning with friends.

Topics for Lab Management classes are quite okay i guess. Since it’s an online module, we don’t meet each other physically much. Which is favorable for me. There’s no need to waste my 45 mins bus ride to and fro for classes! Woots!! How I really detest long bus/train ride (with an exception of travelling out of country ofc). Downside: its hard to coordinate the time to meet up with the group since individuals are busy with their other stuffs. But so far, i am bless to get such awesome team mates throughout the semester for this module!


I lose my sleep the day before GDP classes because I am driven with the burning motivation to complete my GDP notes before the sun rises and somehow I get convince by myself by the idea that I CAN function in class (after having little or no sleep at all).

I cannot function to my fullest the next day. That’s how I continually get below the grade B for 2 subsequent weeks in a row folks!



I admit that this is due to my rock-hard stubbornness for not relating it to past experience. URGHH!

And to prove how stubborn i can get, I didnt sleep yesterday for notes making until I got migraine attack in the wee hour of the sleepy night. Which results to why I am not in school today because I sleep through out the morning after taking my meds.

So! Moral of the story, be stubborn like Fithriyaani if you want to continually drop your daily grades or even increase the chances of getting migraine attacks.

Right now, I am quite worried that I cannot catch up with the rest of my peers for GDP.

Another Hellish thing that I’ve to go through is FYP! I’ve got a lot of hellish tales to share associates with FYP. Recently, we burnt a compound that we are suppose the synthesis. The whole lab fills with hangus aroma. This literally sets our supervisor mad. I guess we deserve to get the scoldings from him. Apparently that incident could jeopardize our FYP to termination. I couldnt sleep that night for the thought of possibilities could happen to us. So disappointed after that event.

Unfortunately I couldn’t share other hellish tales here due to confidentiality issue. What I can tell you is that we survive weeks after weeks of FYP. I mean thats the most important thing right?

But i hope that we can pull off an awesome grade / marks  for FYP considering the things we went through for FYP.


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Them girls who are always on the move to find solutions

The last final lap of a race is always the hardest to endure. Its either you go big or you go home. And at the end of the semester, you’ll know whether your efforts to get recognition is paid off. The survival of the fittest eh.

May I gain a lot of wisdom and knowledge through this journey and humble-ised myself at the end. InshaAllah!!



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