End of 2.1 (2014)

22nd Febuary 2014

School has officially ended. At least the end of Year 2, 2nd Semester for me. Pictures after pictures were taken with various important people and smiles were plastered on our faces for what most perceive as a happy occasion.

But what kind of Joy you find when all you know next is that you will be separated from the people you’ve known and love and care and just be there for one another? The bond between us is so strong that I am emotionally unrest when our last day with each other is coming to an end…

Though school is filled with works and pressure and commitment and whatnot…. I personally believe that these are the things that build up the camaraderie between us. The substantial friendship often filled with joy, fun, laughter, tears, anger, stress are the one that I invest emotionally in which more often than not, has a special place in my heart.

It bothers me a lot if something meaningful for me has to come to an end. (but is it really THE end ?)

Well, like they say, “Every ending is a door to a new beginning”

I feel so reluctant to begin a new journey… but well, time waits for no men.


Put feelings aside and let’s gear up for the new adventure that awaits !

IIP next! *Dreading every possible nanoseconds for this*

May Allah swt ease my affairs

In Sha Allah




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