Highly Prone to Distractions


“Time you enjoy wasting is not a wasted time”

I am suppose to be studying but ohwells! A ‘perfect’ timing to get distracted and create a blog:) (But in all seriousness, I’ve gotta kick away this bad habit)

“When you think you don’t have time to do something that you want, make time for that. And make it happen! ”

I guess I have to compensate this timing to burning the midnight oil later… And burn my brain in the process too.. and no worries about it guys! I kinda used to get my brain fried every now and then. It’s a norm. Ini semua ialah normal bagiku.

In conjunction with my first post of many many many posts to come, lets start with Bismillah and may this blog of volumes of wandering thoughts be wholesome, beneficial for you peeps out there!

YAY to fried brain:)

DHPM modules FTW!!!


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